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About Us

Simonson CFO provides strategic financial analysis and helps its clients work through the process of readying your company for the next stage – and do so in the right way. As we work with you on the critical areas below, we’re better able to understand the true economics of your business, thus allowing us to help you make strategic decisions grounded in valuable insights that show the profitability of your business as well as the trends impacting you on a daily basis.

Specializing in Strategic Education

Critical strategic considerations:

  • Understanding the background and history of company.
  • Identify goals of owners – today, tomorrow, 5 years from now and all the way into retirement.
  • Full analysis of accounting processes and accuracy of financial statement.
  • Organizational audit to assess and analyze company for risks, staffing, workflow, redundancies, succession planning, etc.
  • “Package” company for sale ensuring the executive team is 100% prepped and ready for the questions, inquiries, and due diligence that comes with the process.

Results experienced by clients:

Improved Operational Finance0%

Strategic Growth Planning0%

Detailed Profitability Analysis0%

Information Technology Solutions0%

Business Owner Exit Planning0%

Benchmarks for Strategic Finance

These are our guiding principles against which every action, initiative and objective are weighed. They’re the foundation we use when making decisions and delivering results for our clients. Accuracy, timeliness, and usability of data are key.


The only way you can feel confident in the decisions you’re making for your business is by knowing you can trust the data you’re working with. The accuracy of this data is the foundation that allows us to take your financial goals and determine the best path on which to execute.


Time is so much more valuable than money. Our clients know that better than anyone else. That’s why with every project Simonson CFO takes on; we invest the time and effort necessary to gather all the data we need during the critical discovery process. We make sure to ask the right questions needed to put proper systems in place.

Actionable Data

Working with the wrong financial data destroys confidence in making decisions. We believe that running a business is a lot easier when an owner can actively use the information you’re given to make the right decisions. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary process enabling us to consistently deliver numbers that provide you with a foundation of confidence you won’t find with other financial partners.


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